Our 2012 Recipient – Growing Great

GrowingGreat is a nonprofit school garden and nutrition education organization dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits. Their goal is to help children and families understand where our food comes from, appreciate that food serves a purpose in our overall health and has an impact on our longevity and well-being.They utilize integrated school programs: Classroom Nutrition and School Gardens to create a collaborative school, home and community education model.  Students receive up to twelve hours of instruction per yearThis program has proven to increase knowledge and awareness of the value of high quality, whole foods, close to their source; Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables; Increase likelihood to try new foods and choose higher quality foods more often; Increase knowledge of where food comes from and how to plant cultivate and harvest and edible garden. What we found attractive, besides their mission, was GrowingGreat's ability to provide these programs at minimal costs to schools or the organization. GrowingGreat has been able to serve over 150,000 students from K-3rd and with our support of their web based program, can catapult those severed to 1 million students in 3 years. 

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