Women's Earth Alliance – Our 2011 Recipient

This year we chose to partner with an innovative Bay Area organization that's working at the intersection of gender equality, sustainability and human rights. Our gift to Women's Earth Alliance, which was matched by an anonymous donor, had a real impact on the struggle for justice of several Native American communities. Specifically, our gift was used to bring several activists to a strategy gathering in which indigenous leaders shared skills and resources to protect their land from exploitative extractive industries. Several of us volunteered at the inspiring event which no doubt had a major impact on the women present. 

From WEA's Website:

WEA partners with community-based organizations globally to uplift local solutions to issues of water, food, land, and climate change by providing women with trainings, resources, and advocacy support.WEA’s programs are based on the belief that when women thrive, communities, the environment, and future generations thrive. 

Women’s Earth Alliance works at the intersections of women’s rights and the environment. WEA aims to strengthen women’s leadership, help secure women’s rights, and meaningfully address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing our world today

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